Do you and your team have conflicting views of what the future holds and how to plan for it? Our Insight Based Planning Module will help you get the job done.

Insight Based Planning is a series of simple phases that help you move from an area of relative uncertainty to having robust plans for almost any possible future your business could encounter. It utilises your knowledge and leverages the views and opinions of others in your organisation to give you a complete picture of what you need to plan for.

How do you know you need this?

You can definitely get some benefit from this planning process if:

  • Your company’s idea of budgeting is add 20% to last year’s figures;
  • Your team (executive or project) have different views of what the future holds (some too pessimistic some too optimistic);
  • Your targets and goals appear to change constantly for no reason;
  • You find it difficult to get buy-in for your vision, mission, plans, ideas;
  • Your company does planning once a year and then just get on with what they did last year (more of the same in a changing environment);
  • You need to evaluate a business and its readiness for the future (great basis for a business plan evaluation);
  • You have a new team who have to get a common understanding of the tasks(issues/problems/factors) in order to deliver promptly;
  • Your company is poor at identifying or making contingency plans or securing budget / finance for contingencies.

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