Take Control or Make Plans to Ensure a Better Future

As our markets change rapidly, we are constantly aware that we should be taking into account the new and ever changing needs of our specific niche. The problem is that many of the things in the market are completely beyond our control.

Stress is created when we cannot distinguish which factors or trends we need to take heed of and which to ignore. The old adage of “plan or be planned for” comes to mind. Planning in itself though does not sort out the issues we need to address.

So how do we figure out the important stuff and the need to change rapidly, if required?

I teach my clients to use a very simple but effective tool to understand what they need to be dealing with. The concept is simple: Understand what you control and what you don’t control. Then look at the impact of everything, the things you control and the things you don’t.
Anything that you control, you can throw resources at to either suppress undesired results or enhance desired results. Everything that you don’t control, which has little or no impact on your business you should just monitor at most, to ensure the impact doesn’t become bigger, don’t waste resources on trying to control it. The factors or elements that have enormous impact on your business, over which you have little or no control, should be planned for and monitored carefully. You need at least 4 strategies in place to deal with declining or increasing elements, even trying to bring them into your sphere of influence or control, or you will become a victim of circumstances beyond your control. Forewarned is forearmed – probably a better slogan to live with.

To experience the full effect of proper insight based planning which includes planning for the uncontrollable, get in touch and we will come and talk about your immediate concerns in your business environment.