Insight Based Planning is a planning process that helps you gain insight into your business issues or problems. The 7 step process was adapted from Scenario Planning and various other Systems Thinking Methodologies, by Julio Graham, over the past 15 years to help his clients in various phases of implementing organisational initiatives.

We operate across Europe, Africa, Middle East and America.

Our People

Julio Graham (MBA UCT)

JulioGraham “I help business people solve their business problems by teaching them how to find and use appropriate frameworks, methods and methodologies. Often this requires some modification of existing frameworks and in some extreme cases we just throw away the old frameworks and create new, bespoke ones to deal with the realities in the business.
The most important consideration in any engagement is transfer of knowledge, if required, and utilisation of the existing knowledge in the business. I’m not a fan of ‘new broom sweeps clean’ as I view it as a waste of organisational knowledge. If the knowledge is wrong then we must learn from it, fix it and build on it.”

“This Insight Based Planning approach is my latest incarnation of what started out as a simplification of the scenario planning process. With scenario planning I found that many clients lost the will to continue as daily life demanded their time and they were not seeing immediate results from their scenario planning process. I’ve simplified and made this approach an iterative approach that allows for some immediate insights and action whilst still providing the opportunity for, and rigour of, long-term research.”

Cameron Kinnear

CameronCameron is our Solutions Consultant who is very concise in helping teams and organisations understand and embrace their vision, mission and tactical plans. Cameron is well versed in multi-disciplines and has experience in many industries, including finance, technology, manufacturing, retail, defence and local government to name but a few.

“An insight-based approach to business helps so many organisations and individuals find the most effective way to solve problems and forge forward towards their organisational and personal goals without the stress of the unknown. With this new way of harnessing scenarios and traditional planning, nothing is left to chance and ALL known options are catered for. It makes achieving so much easier.”

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